"I have had the extreme pleasure of working alongside Andre Benoit for some years now. Having been involved in the training, nutrition and rehab field for many years it is an absolute delight to meet, work with and learn from such a super knowledgeable coach. Andre's ability to coach athletes and executives is a skill which few possess. His eye for technique and understanding of program design, periodization and the entire training methodology is world class. I am so lucky to be able to call Andre not only a mentor but also a friend. Any coach, personal trainer or client looking to seek the best in the business, STOP looking you have just found him!"

- Eoin Lacey, Strength Training and Nutritional Expert / Owner of the Irish Strength Institute, Ireland

"Andres knowledge and experience with training professional athletes speaks for itself. He creates a personalized training program designed to meet my specific goals which will help me reach the next level. Andre is well respected in the hockey community."

- Spenser Jensen, WHL Mosse Jaw Warriors

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Canadian Center for Strength and Conditioning Testimonials

"My name is Barrett Donovan and I would like to take the time to thank Andre Benoit of the Canadian Center for Strength and Conditioning, for all the help he has given me in the last 2 years as a professional in the field of health, fitness and strength and conditioning. I originally met Andre as a course instructor in Calgary, for the PICP Level 1 and Level 2 certification. Since then I have taken a number of Poliquin courses including my Level 3 certification which I am currently on the verge of completing (in my opinion these are the best certifications that anybody will take in the field of strength and conditioning) with Andre as my instructor; also, last year he agreed to Mentor me in this field, the help has been invaluable to my clients and to my personal goals of becoming a world class strength and conditioning coach.

Since January of this year I began working with athletes at a higher qualifications ranging anywhere from competitive soccer and young hockey players that are getting invited to WHL camps and team Canada camps; to dancers; to olympic lifters; to International San Shou Martial Artists. My biggest accomplishments to date are an Olympic Weightlifter that placed third in his weight class at Canadian Nationals and a San Shou martial artist that competed and won a gold medal in his competition.

In my opinion none of this could be accomplished without the knowledge and education that I received from the Poliquin Institute as well as Andre Benoit. I would recommend anybody that wants to work in the field of health and fitness to take the time and work with Andre, his guidance and leadership is helping me achieve my goals as well as the goals of my clients. I really appreciate the help he has been and continues to give me.

-Barrett Donovan, BKin, MES, PICP Level 2, Biosignature Practioner

"I am great full every day that I was introduced to CCSC. I will never forget walking into their gym for the first time. I was over weight, depressed and absolutely terrified! After going through my first workout with Andre and Susan everything changed. I couldn't believe that I actually finished a workout that pushed me WAY past what I thought were my "limits". Not only did I survive but I also loved every minute of it! I came into that gym the first day with an "I can't do this" attitude but with such positive people encouraging and supporting me it became impossible to give up, so every day I continue to push forward, and just go for it! 

I am only a few months into my journey however the changes I have seen in myself have been life changing. Countless inches have come off, I am stronger and I feel amazing! I don't even care what the scale says anymore, it is only a number and I no longer allow it to define me. I can't thank Andre and Susan enough for standing by me and believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself. 

Before CCSC I didn't have time to work out, now I am squeezing in exercise every chance I get! 
I am so excited to see where this journey takes me next and I couldn't be sharing this experience with better


- Krista Johnston, Mother of 2

“I worked with Andre early in my career. His knowledge of the strength training and ability to see the areas I needed to improve and strengthen was very important for me as a young player. As I got older and my body changed, my training also changed. His expertise allowed me to train hard and stay healthy at the same time. Andre's experience and character made it easy for me to believe in his training methods and get my conditioning to the highest level. ”

- Wade Redden, Former New York Ranger

“I have been working with Andre for just over a year and the results have been amazing. His knowledge of training and diet coupled with his years of experience is obvious in both his ability to advise and inform. He has been a great resource and given me the tools to get leaner, stronger, and more confident. Andre is approachable and always willing to answer questions while encouraging you to take responsibility for your training potential.  Thanks for your patience and all your help!”

- Kris Dietrich 

“I have worked with Andre Benoit for nearly 10 years and cannot fault his dedication and professionalism. In strength training there is an art and a science. Andre has all the sciences behind what he does but it is the art where he is truly a master. In the weight room he is one of the best coaches I have ever seen. This experience has come through years of being an Olympic athlete and coaching Olympic, NHL and NFL athletes. As a coach he truly cares about his clients results and does everything in his vast arsenal of knowledge to help them achieve their goal."

- John Connor, Strength Coach / Owner of the Irish Strength Institute, Ireland


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