​​Fitness Academy Classes
A group class (Max 8-10 people) focused on proper strength training. We pride ourselves on educating our clients on proper form and technique. We will be using machines, free weights and Modified strongman equipment. This class is guaranteed to increase strength burn fat and where you will just have fun.

Energy System Classes
A group class (Max 8-10 people) where we focus on Cardiovascular training by using strength training methods. We are using modified strongman equipment to get the heart rate up. This class is guaranteed to make you sweat.

Schedule For Classes
Mon / Tues / Wed / Thurs Mornings @ 5:30am - Fitness Academy
Mon / Tues / Wed / Thurs @ 6pm  - Fitness Academy

Tues / Thurs @ 8pm - Fitness Academy

Friday @ 4:30pm
Saturday 8am - Energy System

Classes are 1 hour in length. Contact us for your first class for free
Drop in $20 - Purchase Here
10 x pass $170 - Purchase Here
20 x pass $ 300 - Purchase Here

Unlimited monthly class Pass $ 160/mth  ( 12 month commitment) - Purchase Here

CCSC Minions : Ages 8-10 yrs, 11 - 15 yrs Summer Classes

The CCSC Minions is  created for kids between the ages of  8 - 15 to take part in fitness and Strength Training. Kids CAN lift weights, but they need to be taught how to do it correctly, safely, and with proper progressions. Our goals are to create fit, strong, self confident, determined junior athletes. Our athletes learn the basics of strength training, human movement, and to become the best athletes possible. Kids exercises do not have to be overly complicated, but should involve aspects of the ABC's of movement; Agility, Balance, and Coordination. We at the CCSC will provide the following.

- Athlete training and development with a long term focus
- Proper coaching for youth
- Capacity and leadership in a positive direction
- Proper facilities to train and learn in
- Coach/Athlete communication at a high level

Through a variety of physical activities (ABC's - agility, balance and coordination), youth are introduced to FUNdamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing, and squatting, while all having fun in a safe and exciting environment. 
This is a great way to keep the kids active and as well to keep the strength up during the down season of there sport if they are in one. 

These Classes will run from Monday - Friday the weeks of

July 9th

July 16th

July 23rd

Aug 13th

Aug 20th

These classes are $55 per week or $15 for Drop in, if room is available



“Strength is the mother of all qualities.”

–Dietmar Schmidtbleicher

Strength is the mother of all qualities.

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