“Strength is the mother of all qualities.”

Hypertrophy Academy

Andre's courses are designed to help you understand the basics and advance your knowledge of training for developing proper Hypertrophy for functional purposes and strength development. During this three day course you will learn:

  • What is hypertrophy, how to train for it and achieve your goals quicker.
  • Myths
  • How to write and develop training programs to optimize your results.
  • designing training programs for beginners.
  • designed training programs for advance trainee.
  • Why do plateau’s take place in training, how to minimize them or avoid them.
  • Overview of lifting technique for the major lift for upper and lower body.
  • Tricks to “force” adaptation and optimal hypertrophy.
  • Effect of nutrition, supplementation, and alcohol on training results.

The participants will also be doing two - three training sessions per day which will allow the them to be exposed to different or seldom used training systems that are very efficient to create hypertrophy and better training results.

This course is the perfect for the personal trainer who just started in the business and for the more advance personal trainer that has been in the industry for many years.

Andre will give important knowledge and facts that he has learned over the last 28 years that he has been in the business. During this course Andre will tell you what works and most importantly what does not work and save you a lot of time and hopefully the knowledge for you to be more critical about what “new trend” will be and asset or a money trap.

Modulation of Energy System and Resistance Training for Optimal Body Composition

​​This one day course is design to teach the participants a comprehensive knowledge of what “energy system” really is. How to manipulate the different parameters and the effect it will have on the body, from:

  • Max Vo2 development.
  • Cardiovascular development.
  • Best energy system for optimal body composition (fat loss).
  • Best energy system to minimize lean mass loss.
  • Best way to quickly go back to past cardio vascular levels .

The participants will also learn how to write training program with energy system principals, using implements such as modify strongman and resistance training equipment for optimal cardio vascular response and all residual benefit. There will be two training sessions during the day to help participants understand the physical demand such training will do for clients with little or more advance training experience.

Strength Academy
This three day course will improve your understanding of what “Strength” is. What it can do to sport performance of any kind. Demonstrate the variety of benefit to the general population with their everyday life activities as they get stronger with the proper strength training program. Major topics covered in these three days will be:

  • most efficient training systems to develop strength
  • define”speed” “power” and how to develop the 2 strength qualities
  • developing strength for high performance athlete
  • developing strength for general population
  • keeping your flexibility through strength training using strength training methods
  • periodization and workout sequencing

The participants will also be doing two - three training sessions per day which will allow them to be exposed to different or seldom used training systems that are very efficient to create optimal strength and quicker training results.”​

Mastering Program Design​

The purpose of this course is to help personal trainers or strength coaches understand better the different components of program design, to tune up their scientific knowledges and the art for writing custom made training program for all their clients. In this three day course you will learn

First thing first, understand the importance of proper, simple structural screening evaluation.

  • Learn and practice the structural screening I use to minimize the guessing games when writing programs.
  • know where to start and where to go.
  • know how to create a list of exercises you should do.

  • know the exercises that would be contra-indicated.

Understand the interrelation of the 6 main building blocks of program design • exercises (selection, order and progression).

  • Reps
  • Sets
  • Speed of contraction - Rest
  • Training system

 Building a more diversified library of exercises to add a better variety of exercises to enhance results.

 Write programs for specific situation

  • You will be given different scenarios in such manner that at the end of the class the participant will understand the principals behind creating better training program for:

 Have a better grasp of what periodization is, and familiarize yourself with writing sound long term an short term periodization:

  • Short and long term   (Quadrennial plan, Macrocycle, Mesocycle, Microcycle)
  • General Preparation Phase(s)
  • Sport Strength Quality Specific Phase (i.e. Sport Specific Phase) • Tapper (peaking)
  • Maintenance

 Better understanding and make you more aware of the interconnection between the concepts of:

 Accumulation and Intensification phase (what does it mean exactly, where is it based on) - Periodization (different types)
 Strength deficit

Write program for existing client and other for some case scenarios

You will receive programs samples for some of the most common issues that I have had to design program for.

Learn the principals for addressing weak joints and writing better programs for stronger joints.. And Much More

At the end of this 3 day course the participant will be able to apply all the knowledge he/she has learned and be able to write better more efficient training programs for almost all possible clients. Creating a proper periodization and optimal training programs will be easier and quicker and more efficient. 

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Strength is the mother of all qualities.

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“Strength is the mother of all qualities.”


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